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Embody yoga and build a wealth-mindset.

Can you relate?

  1. You want to practice yoga but you're not sure where to start.

  2. Your current circle of friends does not challenge you enough.

  3. You want to be more mindful about what you consume but you keep getting distracted.

  4. You’ve started your yoga journey multiple times (and perhaps even got certified to teach yoga) but realize that you need more accountability to continue your practice.

  5. Nature is something you’re passionate about.

  6. It seems like everyone’s found their “people” except you.

  7. You enjoy your alone time but sometimes feel lonely.

  8. Thought-provoking conversations are few and far between; you crave deep connections.

  9. Building wealth is something you aspire to do but you have many barriers.

Well, just imagine…

  1. Embodying yoga as a lifestyle, not just doing poses every now and then.

  2. Meeting up with like-minded people and creating meaningful connections.

  3. Being held accountable for all of the goals that you set for yourself.

  4. Visiting new places that feel like home.

  5. Reviewing books and documentaries with scholarly individuals.

  6. Co-creating with people who share similar interests and receiving honest feedback.

  7. Learning how to become more disciplined with your wellness routine.

  8. Having a social life that doesn’t involve night-life clubbing or bar crawling.

  9. Building an empire that your family can benefit from for years to come.

The Meeyogi Tribe is a network created by Mya Cato for people who want to embody yoga and build a wealth-mindset.

What does it mean to embody yoga?

The word “yoga” in the Sanskrit language means to unite or connect. It is a practice designed to maintain balance and build strength within one’s mind, body and soul. To harmonize your inner nature with that of a greater source. An avenue to remind you of who you are and where you come from.

How does it translate?

A simple recipe of movement, mindfulness, meditation and music leads to an intentional manifestation of what many of the legendary yogis and spiritual leaders have shared in their teachings about how to embody the practice of yoga.

With the word “yoga” being a Sanskrit word, many people will argue that the practice originated in India. Others will give credit to Kemet (Egypt) for the origin of the practice with a shift in verbal language. Yoga has been embraced all over the world, dating back thousands of years ago. 

Everything is yoga; it is a lifestyle. You can practice yoga while you cook, while you clean and while you sit on the balcony and stare at the trees. You are practicing yoga as long as you are being intentional about what you are doing. To be intentional you must first be mindful. To be mindful is simply to be aware.

Are you ready to truly level up tho?

How are you cultivating healthy relationships with yourself, your inner circle and your communities? How are you enhancing your physical, mental and spiritual bodies? How are you dissecting ancient traditions and modern medicine?

Let’s be clear, yoga is a discipline for your health and wellness. It is art and science. It is you choosing to explore the deepest parts of your true self, change what you don’t like and embrace who and/or what you believe to be your highest self. It is a practice that can be cultivated at any age by anyone.

What is wealth to you?

If you believe it is the sum of your material assets then you, like many others, may have some reprogramming to do.

“If you did not come from a rich family then a rich family must come from you.”

How do you build a wealth mindset?

Well if you grew up in “survival mode”, if you’re one of the first in your family to challenge the traditional norms and break generational curses, then you deserve a community that can relate with you.

The Meeyogi Tribe is expanding on the concept of group economics to build generational wealth, reduce social inequality and willfully, create more self-sufficiency. This will happen by spending our energy (time and dollars) wisely and utilizing our resources properly.

Sounding like a vibe? Well, this is for you if...  

  1. You are incredibly invested in your wellness.

  2. You are dedicated to leaving a legacy for generations to come.

  3. You can see yourself leading others to uncover their full potential.

We may not be for you if…

  1. You make a lot of excuses about why you’re not progressing in life.

  2. You are not ready to be held accountable for your words and actions.

  3. You are not open minded.

Are you ready to be plugged into a network that is wildly enthusiastic about embodying yoga and building wealth?

With the many aspects of life that require nurturing, collectively, we set the time aside to ensure that we nurture ourselves. In order to pour into others, your cup must be full. 

What comes with your membership:

  • Weekly classes

  • Hefty discounts on offerings

  • Accountability partners and group support

  • Access to resources for your wellness journey

We’ve got some lofty goals... 

and we trust that you will want to be a part of making a huge impact with us. 

In 2021, we opened the doors to Meeyogi Wellness Lounge in Tampa, Fl which serves as a space for personal services to take care of your hair, skin and body.

In 2022, we will acquire a sacred space to host holistic wellness retreats, trainings and workshops.

If this aligns with you, let’s build together. As the African proverb states: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Join the tribe.

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